Where were the days of no frustrations? I mean, ever since we’ve gotten so advanced in technology we’ve been more frustrated and aggravated that when there was none. You don’t see anyone without a cellphone just in case someone was to call you urgently. Think about it!

Like this whole week for example.. things went okay for a while until I’m updating my facebook (photography) page on my laptop, it won’t post my photos there’s something wrong which started aggravating me and it kept giving me a popup, I then picked up my tablet to work on that but it wouldn’t connect to the internet for some unknown reason, then I loaded the photos to my cell phone and guess what? My cell phone shuts down.

Really??? Technology is supposed to make life easier, right? I mean I’m using it correctly, but why is it giving in? Well?

Life is much the same. We get aggravated and frustrated at life and what happens around us. But in this case we have a proper manual that refers to all we need to fix our lives. The bible which is our manual, and our fixer which is Jesus.

If we don’t bother reading our bible, Jesus can’t fix our problems. He has so many promises in there and we should stand on every one of them. Your laptop, email, cellphone and tablet are sure to let you down especially when you need to get some work done. But Jesus never will. He will sustain your every need.

Well, before all this technology there was people that knew more than we can ever imagine. And they are from the bible. Before scientists found proof and before we really knew, Job knew a bit more than we did and well, I would like to share two verses with you which I find incredible (I shared them with my kids and they were like “wow”):

Job 26:7 (You can read from verse one, it really is cool)
Ecclesiastes 1:7

I think that before of all this time and energy put into technical stuff, people spent more time with God. And they had better relationships with their Savior. How else would they know the things that have been hidden to us for so many years? Scientists have only learned some of it in the past decade. The bible is really interesting and the more you read it, the more you will want to.

I think that should be our goal. To have an exceptional relationship with our God even if we don’t get to know things before others do.

Before I challenged you to have faith. Today I challenge you to spend more time with God. I think it is so worth it. Everything else seems so small when you compare it to Him. After all, He is the maker of it all, so He knows what we need before we do.

Have a blessed day sweet people!!!

Living by Faith, with hope, for love, in grace…
With love always