What does it mean to Praise?

The dictionary defines praise as:
Express warm approval or admiration of:
we can’t praise Chris enough—he did a brilliant job
Express one’s respect and gratitude towards (a deity), especially in song:
we praise God for past blessings
1The expression of approval or admiration for someone or something:
the audience was full of praise for the whole production

A while ago my children and I were reading one of the Psalms of David and how he was singing praises to God about his life. About Gods love being better than life, which got me to thinking.

It is so easy to praise people for what they do to you, like, when your husband does something you’ve wanted you would say “honey youre the best” or when your children do well in whatever they do you would go “you are so clever, mama is so proud of you”.

Never thought of that as praises, huh?

Do we ever praise God like that? He gives you a new start every morning. He gives you sunlight to warm your face. He gives you flowers to enjoy by what they look and smell like. He gives you friends who encourage you. Parents who teach you, a job that pays you, food clothing… a life well lived!! Or is it?

And He gives you music! What do you do with it? Music for your lonely self or do you use the music He provides so you can praise Him. Do you?

I gave my children a challenge. To take one of their contemporary favourites and turn it into a song of praise to the King of Kings. I will let you know what they came up with… And it inspired me to write a poem so here it is:

Written by Zaskia

What can I sing
That hasn’t been sung?
What can I pray
If You know my words anyway?

I will praise You
For lighting my path
Praise You
For the green, green grass

What can I do
To prove how I love You?
What can I say
When You know my thoughts

So I will praise You
With the words of my mouth
Praise You for the sun and the clouds

All my praises are for You my king
Mighty God, ruler of everything.
My praises are to You, my King!

I love singing praises to our Papa God and my poetry is a way of giving praise. I just need some tune to it.

God is faithful, loving, kind, good, caring, gracious and everlasting. Take time and praise Him.

When it was bedtime my son came running into his sisters room yelling frantically. “There’s a big thing in my room”.

And what I found was a very large cricket. What a wonderful way of showing us just a glimpse of worship. I calmed my son by telling him that the cricket with his beautiful music also praises God. And makes music to the King of Kings. We should lead by example. My son got in his bed waiting for the cricket to make music. I was left with that beautiful thought.


What do you have that you can be thankful for. You are welcome to leave a comment on how you have praised Him for that today.

My prayer for you:

Thank you Papa, for all the wonderful blessings you add to my life daily. For loving me more than I deserve to be loved. In spite of knowing all I would do, You died for me and that is uncomprehensable. I stand in awe knowing that you love me that much. After all, You knew me before I was born. You number my days. You know how many hairs are on my head. And you made me fearfully and beautifully. I praise you for all these things. In Jesus name I pray, with love and much thanksgiving. I am forever grateful, Amen.

Verse for today:
Psalm 63:3

Walking by faith, with hope, for love, in grace…

With love always