I know the guest post is for tomorrow, but I felt like posting it today. So the blog for today will be posted tomorrow.

My guest writer is my daughter Jessica. She is 11 years old and also wants to make a difference in the lives of others, so she offered to write me a piece and she’s seriously considering her own blog.

After reading her post and knowing her heart I will probably get her to become a regular guest writer on my blog if she doesn’t start her own.

May her writing be a blessing to all my readers.

With love always

Maybe He’s teaching me more patience!!

I know that we all go through bad times. Have you ever wondered WHY?

I have, a lot. But none of my troubles were as bad as the women in the Bible’s time. If I think about Hagar, she was in a desert because she made the wrong decisions. And then she and her son of only 14 years old were in trouble. I think God wanted to teach her something. He did not want to hurt her but teach her to trust Him.

Hagar & her child had no food, not even a drop of water. But then something amazing happened. God opened her eyes and she saw a fountain. They could drink water! Isn’t it wonderful how our God works?

Things happen and we don’t always know why, but I can assure you that it happens for a reason. Hagar went through a tough time and God helped her through it because she let go and trusted Him. God will help you too.

I have (had) a cell phone and you know how a girl is about her phone. But a few months ago my phone broke and it took ages to get it fixed. My dad said that I will be upgrading soon so I said that he could sell my other phone.

I waited a week and another week and finally I could get my phone (not just any phone, The Sony V) but when my dad got home he said that I can’t get my phone.

First I thought he was joking but then I saw his eyes. He told me it might take six months before I get my phone. You could just think how sad, angry and disappointed I was.

Getting that phone was like a dream come true and now that dream isn’t happening.

I don’t have a lot of patience and I think God might be teaching me in this way. And I am glad He’s teaching me patience, but still sad that I’m not getting my phone.

But in my heart I know God did it for a reason, I might not understand it now, but I know I will, eventually. After all His plans are better than mine.

God is with you in all your troubles, trust Him.

Till next time
your new bff