From the 1st of March I will be shuffling my blog around a little. I want to keep it interesting and motivate, inspire and give you hope. But also want to you to be more creative, innovative and filled. There might be a few tweaks here and there depending on what gets thrown my way.

But for now this is what our weekly agenda will look like.

Mondays – Motivating, inspiring and giving hope

Tuesdays – Motivating, inspiring and giving hope

Wednesdays – Keeping you updated on books, music, movies etc.

Thursdays – Guest blogger (if I have one) / Motivating, inspiring and giving hope

Fridays – Interesting facts from the bible

Saturdays – Getting you creative, innovative and filled

Sundays – Day of Rest so no blog will be posted

In-between I’ll throw in some poetry, stories, random thoughts and a few competitions and surprises!

You are welcome to share your thoughts or drop in to say hi at or leave a message on the blog.

All guest bloggers and sponsors are welcome.

Looking forward to your feedback.

With love always