A few random thoughts I’m sharing…

I left after work on Friday. A journey of ±600km to my parent’s home. I speak to them every weekend but it’s not the same as actually being there with them. I’ve missed so much time with them because I don’t get to visit often and so looked forward to seeing them.

We got there at about 11pm and we sat and talked till after 1am. What a blessing we have in having family who loves us. My family might not always agree on everything with me but they love me anyway.

Saturday I got to see my nephew, Junior. He is such a beautiful baby. Family is such a blessing. We should make the most of our time with them. God gives us precious moments to savor with them, we should make the time.

Put away your cell phone, tablet, computer or whatever is taking so much of your time. Make time for God first and then, make time for those whom God has blessed you with. For tomorrow hasn’t been promised to any of us. And every day is a precious gift.

Now randomly thinking…

I’ve been thinking about this blog and what my aim should be. About how to reach people and what they would like to know more about or not. I would really appreciate your participation in this. Please leave comments or e-mail me at zaskia77@ovi.com to add your thoughts or questions. And if you’d like to be published on my blog with your thoughts also let me know, I would love to hear from you.

I’m working on a few new ideas so if I miss a day or two it’s because I’m refining my thoughts on paper. I don’t want to rush anything. All the good things in life take time.

With love always