I haven’t been on here in a few days, I apologise but I’ve been sick, and in ER. But God is gracious and I’m back to share more stories with you.


I’ve been sick the whole of last week. This headache just didn’t want to let go. And Thursday night, it got a whole lot worse. It was a migraine which I couldn’t handle. Times like those I wish I were dead. I know it sounds dramatized, but really it gets that bad. To a point I cant handle it..

So in my anguish and pain I prayed. God help me, I so need you. I can’t handle this on my own. I’ve been trying to handle it this whole week, but I no longer could. And I broke down. I cried and needed God to take this pain away. Please God take this pain, I cant handle it any longer.

In a strange way I felt comfort, like He was right there, holding me and stilling my heart and I fell asleep peacefully. Something I couldn’t seem to do when my headache got that bad. But I slept until my husband woke me with some wafers for the migraine.

No, my migraine wasn’t gone, it was still there pounding furiously and I put the wafer under my tongue and I realized something. God helped me get through until I could get meds.

I praise Him for that, the morning after with tears streaming down my cheeks, I’m so grateful. Thank You God. You are my rock, my fortress, you still my heart. I am yours!! Forever!!. Amen.

The thing is that sometimes God doesn’t calm the storm; He just helps you through it so that you will know that He is the One you should run to, the One you can trust to see you through. Especially when you have no other way out, He will help you through it, even when it gets really bad, you just need to trust Him. He will carry you.

On Saturday evening the migraine hit me again with much force. I was sick and my husband took me to ER as a last resort. I’m feeling better today. Not as much as I would like to but so much better.

We as children of God struggle to get through things on our own and turn to God as a last resort. Why not give Him your problems. He can sort them out way better than you ever can. You just have to trust Him.

Today my prayer for you is to trust God. Whatever your storm today, He is right there. Just call out to Him.

With love always