Today I seem to be at a loss for words. I’m struggling with a few things and am not finding it easy to talk about. But I will in time. Please keep me in your prayers.

However ill share a little of my heart with you by the poem I wrote…

So bear with me today. I will write a new blog tomorrow. By Gods grace…


I long for your presence
I need to pursue your heart
I never want to be
Without your Love

I need you more
More than yesterday
I need you more
Than the day before
I need you more
More than anything
Papa I need you more
For as long as I live..

Guide me in your way
Be my guide and light my way
Keep me night and day
I long to see your face
Enfold me in your love and grace

I declare
You will lead me to prosper
I declare
You will keep me from disaster
I declare
Your will to light my way
I declare
My darkness turns to day

Let your light shine on my face
Keep me from disgrace
Hold my enemies at bay
Until disaster comes their way

I need you more
Than ever before
I need you more
You’re the one that I adore
I need you more
Than the breath I breathe
I need you more than anything

Mold me
Make me
After your will
Hold me
Love me
Keep my heart still

Papa I need you more!!

Written by Zaskia

Today I pray for you to be still and know that He is God.. until tomorrow.

With love always