Have you ever thought about Jesus and the sacrifice He made? He was human in every way when He came to earth. But think about it for a second. He was with God before He was sent to earth from heaven. He was in God’s presence. Anyone being there in God’s presence would never want to leave, but He was willing. A willing sacrifice.

I often wonder if He wasn’t a bit scared. I mean He knew He was coming to a bunch of people who wouldn’t appreciate Him. People who in the end had Him killed. He would give His life willingly so we could live. He would go down to Hell to release the prisoners kept there.. And all of that time even in His sacrifice He was thinking of you and me!!

I think the only solace He had was that He knew His Papa better than anyone on earth. And He knew His Papa would never let Him down. He knew His papa’s heart… And His Papa knew His.

And while He was here He lived like us, but He was willing to give it all, sacrifice it all so we could have abundant live, and we could live… Even knowing that most of us would throw it in his face..

This got me to thinking…

I’m not comparing my situation to His in any way, but I kinda understand how you would make sacrifices for those you love. Oh and how he loves us!! I can’t even comprehend how he could love us. We are not lovable… At least at times I’m not.
I mess up daily, I get angry, frustrated and some days downright ugly.. But He loves me anyway, even with all my mistakes…

We’ve all had to give in at times and make sacrifices. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. This time I seem to be in a hard place of making that decision. But I also know that in Love, God will help me get through it… What I mean is, I’m willing to do things so my family would be better off. But I don’t want my family to think that I don’t love them. I do love them with all my heart, but you see that’s just it. Its because I love them that I’m thinking about doing this..

But I’m scared.. Actually I’m TERRIFIED!!

The thing is.. Life is getting so expensive and if I got the opportunity outside of Africa to earn a better salary I would take it. To help my children have an opportunity to go to university or college. Whatever they decide to study that there would be enough finances for them, and for them to live a better life. I would go alone.. leaving them behind. And that might make them feel unloved!! Oh how I love them.. If they only knew how much!!

The reason I’m scared is because of my fear… Heights!! And Flying!! Because flying has heights!! I’m sure you get the picture. You can read about that fear in my blog about the big hole, and then I’m sure you’ll get the point I’m trying to make.

So I’m willing to make this sacrifice although I’m afraid, because of my love for them. It reminds me of a verse in scripture which brings everything into perspective.. 1 John 4:19 We love, because He first loved us.

I love my children with all my heart.. And He loves all creation with His heart. Wow, I wish I could love like that.

So my prayer for you today is to remember, no matter how big the sacrifice or your fear. Always do it in love… Because He is the reason we love…

With Love Always