Blessings in scripture

Quite a while back I started reading my bible in a different way which I think is pretty cool and I decided to share it with you because maybe it could help you remember things better and have more fun studying the bible…

I took different colours of hi-liters and now colour different scripture like this…

Blue – all Gods promises
Green – ways to live
Red – Questions I have (which you can discuss with your pastor or bible study group)
Orange – things id like to remember
Teal – prayers I would also pray

And so on… You can mark them any way you like, but now when I read through the bible my attention is more focused on what the scripture says. And the different parts I hi-lite is easier to notice in those categories.

The things you may need for bible study are:
A Book
Different colour pens

Here is another way to read your bible for you to understand it better (I got this from one of the blogs I follow) and found it very helpful:

Read: read the chapter
Record: note observations: who, what, when, where, why / list the facts / setting
Reflect: meditate on the message / evaluate the emotions expressed / find personal applications / note key verses / create a one sentence summary
Respond: through prayer and responsive worship / this should be personal and intimate)

Bible study can be fun, especially if you start imagining what it was like while reading it.

Another suggestion I have is to get an audio bible such as the bible experience. I really like this audio bible because it’s not just someone reading verse by verse. It actually plays of like a story but doesn’t lose the essence of scripture. You can follow it word for word in your bible.

Besides that if you close your eyes it makes you feel like you are right there in the crowds listening to Jesus talking and laughing. It really is a wonderful way of connecting with Him and it helps you remember scripture so much better.

My prayer for you today is a more intimate time in bible reading.

With Love always