Hey there,

I’m feeling a bit queezy with this nasty headache that won’t seem to go away. Please keep me in your prayers. xxx

So with that said, I don’t have a post for today so I’m adding a random thought I wrote a while before I started to blog.


How to start a blog step by step…

Easy right? I would have to disagree and admit that I found it complicated and annoying, I didn’t understand half of the IT terms and conditions, not to mention that the web version totally looks different to the blackberry application.

Confusing doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling. And I could probably use the excuse that I am blonde (and that wouldn’t be far from the truth) but truly they could have made it easier, especially for those of us who are giving it a first try!!

I wanted it to look pretty with pictures and backgrounds and stuff, but I still don’t have a clue as to how to get it that way.. So bare with me until I get it just right!!

The bigger picture…

Even amidst these crazy IT terms and explanations I kept looking at the bigger picture.. what I wanted!! Oh wait, let me rephrase that, what I wanted to achieve as an offer to God so He could use me for His glory. After all, that is what my heart longs to do and why I’m starting this blog in the first place. If I had to do it for me, I would have kept postponing. Until it never happened at all (sigh).

The Prayer…

My mind wandering, mixed emotions and a bit of anxiety… What am I supposed to say? How can I reach people? Lord, give me Your words, not mine. Let me merely be the instrument to your glory, let me be honest and share my deepest feelings without being afraid of criticism (oh, yea, that’s something that is really hard for me and I believe this is how God will help me deal with it). I pray in Jesus name, with love and much thanksgiving.. Amen

The Hard times…

We all go through hard times, times when you cant see a way out. And those are the times only God can sustain you, provide for you and hold you. In the times where He is surely carrying you, as you know you cannot do this alone.

You see, there are so many people with pain, people who have nowhere to turn or anyone to talk to. I am subscribed to so many newsletters and blog updates that keep me positive, and help me get through the day. And I want to do the same. To help you keep your eyes on Jesus.

God also seems to speak to me through the blogs I read, especially when I’m in need of an answer or reprimand… Not forgetting the bible which is the biggest source of answers for your Journey with God.

God has been good to me and this is my way of giving back!!
The What??
The question:

How many people are really honest on their blogs? I want to do something different. An honest blog where people can share their hearts and ask for prayer. We all need prayer daily, and we need to pray for each other. That is what keeps us strong and makes miracles happen. But how can your heart be healed if you aren’t willing to share it? (James 5:16)

The mission:

I want to reach people, inspire people, give people hope (God is our hope and our future), pray for them and mostly have God’s heart for them. As I share my journey I want people to know that they are not alone or the only ones that feel the way that they do. God knows your heart, and He is the only One that can fix it. (He repairs mine daily and He can do the same for you.)

The goal:

To work for the Glory of God and to win souls for His kingdom and just be the tool God uses when their hearts need to cry out. And for someone to listen or just be a shoulder to cry on.

The Beginning:

Where exactly should I start? At the beginning of my life? Or where I decided to change it? Or the time I fell again? Or the time I hated myself for losing control?

The beginning seems to be the best place to start… but my mind wanders… So random is what you’ll be getting..

It will work like a puzzle but all the pieces fit in the end.

I want to share my stories and to let you know that the struggles you go through are merely preparing you for a life with a bigger purpose. Your struggles can either harm you or be used to God’s glory.

However the decision is yours. And yes, it’s a hard road to follow, but with God guiding you it becomes easier. I also want you to know that all of us are broken people in a broken world and that the choices we make harms people, but thank God for his mercy and His grace. He forgives..

Keep that in mind.

Who are we to judge anyway, we all have many faults.

So here goes… these are my stories. Starting my Blogging life…. Because its the journey to your destination that counts!!!

With love always