Adored friends,

You are all so special to me. Thank you for all the new likes and the new members who have joined my page. Feel free to share my page with everyone on your contact list. You are also welcome to share the poems I write on this page so in turn they could bless someone else…

Today I just wanted to remind you how much you are Loved.,
not because of who you are but because of who He is and because of His wonderful love for you.


Thank You Jesus for loving a sinner like me…

Not because of who I am
Or who I choose to be
You love me

When I’m far
You love me
Because of whoYou are

Not because of what I’ve done
But because of Your wonderful Mercy
I am loved

You died for me
You set me free
Just because You love me

You died so I could live
I don’t deserve your love
Still you gave it away
Even when I went astray

You knew my live before I lived it
Suffered and died before I was in it
You knew my sins before they came to pass
You are the only One who’s love lasts

You waited for me
When I forget to pray
You guided me
And showed me the way

When I chose to disobey
I got hurt and you carried my again
I don’t deserve your love yet you give it away
Teach me the words when I don’t know how to pray

You love me not because of the things I do
But because of who I am in You..
I am loved!!!

Written by Zaskia