To give your all

For quite some time now I have this urgency to spend more time with God. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend and a shoulder to cry on. And yes, between work and the responsibilities of two children and spending time with my hubby there is little time, especially after you’ve made food, helped out with your daughters schoolwork and then you pull your sewing machine closer for a new dress for her dolly that you promised to make. You still have some computer work to do, your eyes feel heavy, and bible study doesn’t seem to be an option, you are just so tired. Then you make yourself a promise that tomorrow you will wake up an hour earlier to catch up time, time to make time with God, but does that ever happen?

Sometimes I wonder how to fit it all into my daily routine, but what about God? Where does He fit in? In the morning its just such a rush to get everything done and to be on time because you pressed the snooze button again for the longest of time. Now you’ve missed that hour you were going to make up for from yesterday. And you feel like you’ve failed again. You put on a gospel cd while you’re off to work but inbetween all the talking of the children and the questions from your husband about supper, you miss that intimate time of praise and worship you used to make while driving on your own to work.

You pray together at supper time. Before your children go to bed you sing some praise and worship songs and have some bible time. But it doesnt feel enough, it just isn’t enough..

I talk to God during my hectic day, ask Him for strength and protection for those I love. I feel so sad because I need God so much. His presence in me and around me is my biggest prayer, but the time factor doesn’t seem to play along. While I’m finishing the doll dress I promised, I put on a gospel cd and that precious moment I feel in his presence is something indescribable. I want more, so much more. Not just on Sundays or midweek fellowship, not just when I have the time, but every moment of every day. God help me!! I need more of you…

On Sunday I get this scripture while sitting in church:

That night I feel so tired, but I take up my bible and start reading, more and more, and once I closed my bible, I felt revived, energised. And I realise how true this scripture is. If you make time for God, you will have more than enough energy to get to the things that you still need to do.

I pray for time, not for myself, but time for the Man close to my heart, my Friend, my Saviour, my Redeemer, my King, My Jesus!!

May you also make time to be with Him. It’s so worth it…
All I ask is time…