06.01.2014 – Monday

So I woke up at 4:30am oh boy I didn’t want to get up. But determination is a driving force… Okay, I have to be honest. It took me about ten minutes to get out of bed. And keeping my eye on the ball… was soooo difficult. But I got up and decided to get this done. I’m going to get fit and feel better in my own body.

Gaining more energy is a must (something which I utterly need) and spending time with God (I need that even more)!!!

It’s amazing how wonderful it feels to just talk to Him while you’re busy running or working out. You can listen to praise music and glorify Him in your heart. Time spent with Him can never be taken away. And at times like these I’m glad that I made this decision. This is not just me time. It’s our time. My time with God. To talk to him or praise Him. Whatever is on my heart. I know he understands me better than I know myself. That’s another topic for another day…

So until tomorrow. Be blessed and keep your eye on the ball…

With love always