05.01.2014 – Sunday

My dear sweet friends…

It’s Sunday morning and I missed my first Sunday of going to church in the New Year. I got up with a major migraine. I was probably in bed till about 11 until I decided to get up eventually. The migraine subsided as the day went by.

Then it happened. I got some energy. This is the weird part. My husband asked me why it always happens on Sundays. I have no explanation for this. I usually take Saturdays as a relax day. I’m bushed most of the time for no reason and Saturdays I just need to rest. Then on Sundays I get energy from nowhere.

I put it to good use. My cousin will be proud of me. I organised a cupboard I have been dreading for quite some time. It took me the whole afternoon. But it was so worth it. Now my kids can find the books they want to read and play some games that are all in the same box.. Okay, now I’m back to tired.

Off to bed. Sweet dreams… about getting organised… zzzzzz

With love always