04.01.2014 – Saturday

My dear sweet friends…

Getting my body back baby.. That’s probably what I would have said if I knew that I was going to get it right. Lol. But after 2 babies I beg to differ. All I really need is energy. So I’m losing track again… really this is not what it’s about.

Actually I’ve been contemplating this for quite a while and I’ve decided to start going to gym. I’m starting on Monday. Ooooh, I’m excited and a bit nervous. I don’t like people staring at me. And what if I don’t get the gym equipment to work right?? Way of track again!!

So the reason for this incredible step is… that I need to get fit to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Opposed to the fact that my doctor recommended it too as well as the heart specialist.. At my age I never thought that you could get it (I’m only 36), but you see I have a soft spot. I just loooove pastries. You can have the fat attached to meat, the meat even. Just leave the cookies and chocolate to me. Not to mention milkshake, toasted cheese sandwich and butter. I use butter in almost all my meals. So what now??

Cholesterol.. Not a pretty word. But with the right eating plan and exercise it can be stopped from getting out of hand. So here I am. Taking it one day at a time. Going to the gym and reading the Daniel Plan.

I’ll focus more on the gym thing on Monday. But for now I’d like to share the book I bought (to me, from me for Christmas). It’s called The Daniel Plan.

The Daniel plan is a must read if you want to start a healthy lifestyle. It has other topics besides just eating right. It focuses on things such as faith, fitness, focus and friends and of course last but not least food. It has an exercise and meal plan. And recipes to make the meals it talks about. All in one. Oooh they have chocolate brownies. I definitely have to try them…okay maybe not… well I’ll have to try and be good. For now at least.. Get the book and share your take on it with me.

Here is to eating healthy sweet friends! Till tomorrow.

With Love always