02.01.2014 – Thursday

My dear sweet friends…

So if I miss a day or two or maybe three, it would be because I have a lot on my mind or because I’m working on something or because I might be searching… Searching my mind and my heart. Things are not what they always seem to be. People act happy and try to put up a brave face, a smile even. But the heartache can be seen in their eyes. It is said that the eyes are the windows to your soul. Actually Matthew has his own take on this. You can read Matthew 6:22-23. Makes you think…

Today I’ve realised that I need to be more organised. Drumm roll please… Haha, just kidding… Lol. Actually I’ve known it for a long time but just didn’t know how to get it right. I am grateful for my cousin. She designs kitchens and is also good at interior décor.. She really helped me with her ideas and suggestions. She’s designing my kitchen to be more .. me friendly and she’s given me quite a few tips on how to get my sanity back when organising my cupboards. So grateful for her take on this.

I think I’ll be getting more organised once she leaves. Might even see a smile on my husbands face after all. Like everything else in life it will take commitment. But I’m willing and able. Getting organised this year is a new step I think every person can take into getting uncluttered.

Who’s with me?

Wishing you a happy and organised 2nd day of the New Year.

Getting uncluttered and loving it…

With love always