01.01.2014 – Wednesday

My dear sweet friends…

A new year is a new start, a celebration as such of new things to come.. And I’ve decided to commit to a start of something that has been close to my heart.

I’ve been wanting to blog for over a year. But I’ve been afraid, afraid of what people would think or say and wondering what on earth I could offer that no other person has blogged about or gone through. I didn’t have that in me… I still believe I probably don’t. But, I’ve prayed about this and I’m giving it to God. If He wants me to write, He will provide me with the right words. So excuse me if I take a while to get to the point. Haha

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. So Here I am blogging. I could use some tips, so don’t be afraid to give me your take on what I have to say (or what you think I should talk about or not say)…

I’ve come to realise that in this life it isn’t about what I have to offer.. It is about how God can use me for His will. All I have to do is be there, a willing vessel for His glory to shine like the sun…

I feel like I’m standing with my foot in my mouth because I am not perfect, and I have many faults. And I know that revealing my heart and home will come with scrapes and burns, and probably make me want me to swallow my foot. People are probably going to judge me.. They might even unfriend me. But for now I’m praying that God will lead my words to the heart of His people who need it most.

Today I had the opportunity to spend time with my cousin and her family. We visited the big hole ( a place that has the biggest manmade hole in South Africa). It is in a town called Kimberley (by the way, that’s where I live.) not in the big hole. Haha. But in Kimberley. We had so much fun. And I realise once again how important family is. My family is not what it’s supposed to be, actually far from it.

I know I have many shortcomings and that I have to try harder. I pray that God will grab into this season of my life and make us a proper family. We haven’t had the best end of last year or even a great start to a new year, but I believe God is working on me, (on us). Even as we speak. God is working on my (our hearts).. I want to be a better mama and wife.. Just getting by isn’t enough for me anymore. I need God.

So… you won’t believe what happened. God used my cousin to intervene. She shared her heart with me about so many things I felt she didn’t understand. I was mad at first because I felt that she was taking sides. She didn’t try to understand me or what I was feeling. Really??

Well, guess what? Sometimes people have to punch you in the gut so you can time to listen to what God is trying to say to you. And believe me I got it. Even though it might take me some time to get it right.

But I’m taking hold of God and my family. For this New Year I declare. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Please keep me in your prayers. An my wish for you.. To have your house do the same. Joshua 24:15

Living one day at a time..

With love always